Dear ACO Members,

CheckedBoxesDo you remember the membership surveys you completed at the turn of the year? We got a 40% response rate (not bad, coaches)! Your answers have helped clarify the direction the Board needs to take to better support you through your membership benefits.

We know everyone is busy, so we’ll tell you first what we plan to do and then, for those who are interested, summarize the results (which we think are pretty interesting).


The ACO Board sincerely appreciates your time in completing the surveys and your personal comments to how we can improve your membership. Because you took the time to tell us what works for you and what you need more of, in the coming months the ACO Board is committed to the following:

  • Fix the website bugs and improve website engagement.
  • Provide more frequent communication notices about the current benefits (as reminders, explanations of, or monthly highlights.)
  • Improve upon programs for our members to provide support to their business and continuing education.

Additionally, it is our intention to more strongly promote the ACO and our Coach Directory through forming strategic partnerships with national and state associations related to the ADHD community.

Information will be forthcoming regarding new ACO awareness campaigns.

Summary of Membership Survey Results

How long have you been a member?

47% have been members for five or more years and 53% less than 5 years.

Why did you become a member (click all that apply)?

80% responded for Sense of community and 66% responded to each of the following reasons – networking opportunities, credibility, and listing in Find-A-Coach. The reason listed that received the lowest percentage (37%) was Wanted the member benefits . Sense of community was supported with additional comments such as “opportunity to collaborate and learn best practice from this community;” “connecting with other coaches;” “sharing of information, contacts, support…”

How often do you use the following benefits?

Of the 9 benefits listed, the ACO Circle Newsletter had the highest percentage of frequency used = 62% with the Find-A-Coach ranked 2nd at 58%. Reduced rates at conference and members only list serve had a split percentage of frequently used and not used. The other four benefits – access to Journal of Attention Disorders, The ADHD Report, ADHD Awareness month slides, and Coaches Toolkit showed higher percentages of infrequent use/did not use or not aware of.

How useful is this benefit to you?

All of the benefits were pretty much split between being somewhat useful to very useful. The benefit that had the highest percentage of not useful at all was “Access to and use of ADHD Awareness Month slides” which came in at only 17% of our membership indicating it as not useful at all.

We find it interesting in comparing the responses of how often do you use these benefits to how useful they are. While some of the benefits were infrequently used, ie., the JAD, Barkley report, coaches toolkit, they are perceived as somewhat useful to very useful. One responded commented, “Although I don’t often access the JAD, I do find it very valuable to have it.” Your comments also indicated the need to better advertise these benefits – or to issue reminders that they are available because, “I forgot about some of these, to be honest” as one responded wrote.

Multiple comments were written about the difficulty in accessing the membership side of the ACO website. We recognize that the change over to the new website may have added to the frustration. Please be aware that the ACO Board is very much aware of this difficulty and is currently at work fixing once and for all these access problems, and is adding improvements to the website, such as improved use across multiple platforms, a search bar, improved SEO capabilities, to name a few.

How would you like to receive ACO information (rank the methods in order of preference.)

Email ranked 1st preference (92%)
Yahoo listserv had the highest ranking of 2nd (43%)
Facebook ranked 3rd at 38% (however, 29% indicated they do not use Facebook)
Twitter ranked 4th (with “Do not use” following close behind)

Summary of Client Acquisition Survey

How do you actually get client inquiries for your coaching services? (67 members responded)

Ranked 1st – Through business website
Ranked 2nd – Word of mouth
Ranked 3rd – Referrals from mental health professionals
Ranked 4th – Professional organization directories, ie., CHADD, ADDA
Ranked 5th – ACO Find-A-Coach Directory
Ranked 6th – Your ADHD coaching school directory, if applicable. (This method also had the highest percentage of method not used at all.)

Other methods not listed, but were described in the comment section:

Social media marketing, constant contact e-marketing; Edge Foundation; speaking to community groups; community colleges; internet search; NOOMI directory, ICF directory and networking events; attending conferences.

Thank you once again for your participation!!



Lee Rozycki,
Christopher Mulhare,