By Virginia Hurley, Research Committee Chair

Are you curious about the connection between mindfulness practice and ADHD treatment? Here’s a research study you might be interested in reading: Mindfulness Meditation Training in Adults and Adolescents With ADHD: A Feasibility Study in the Journal of Attention Disorders, originally published online 19 November 2007.

Meditation has been suggested as an alternative treatment for ADHD. Why? ADHD is characterized by a cognitive deficit that shows up as behavioral symptoms. This study suggests that mindfulness training for those with ADHD can act as a type of brain exercise. It has been used with participants in this study as a way to improve cognitive/attention functions, similar to working memory training in ADHD. What specific behaviors are addressed by mindfulness training? Mindfulness exercised practiced by adult and adolescent participants in this study addressed behaviors of inattention and impulsivity, and secondary issues of stress, anxiety, and depression. How does the study suggest this works? Briefly, mindfulness works by “anchoring” attention, noting distractions that come along and letting go of the distraction, and refocusing, reorienting attention back to the “anchor. To read more about this important treatment option, use your ACO member benefit, and access the entire article!

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