Here’s why I think so … and how you can learn from her, too.

First: Perhaps the best $197 I ever spent was on a course she gave in the spring called Marketing for Nice People doesn’t seem to be availabe again. Don’t know how I even stumbled into it.

But [confession follows] I often buy courses, tapes, books, you name it… and then never get past the first CD, chapter, whatever.  But I listened to all Marketing for Nice People CDs MORE THAN ONCE.. and some a couple times! It was that good.

She’s offering a new course called Marketing 101

The $197 deal is over Monday, October 5. No idea what it will cost later.. or even if it will be available even soon.

If you can scrape together the money.. if you can borrow the money, if you can raid you’re kid’s college fund, this course will be worth it.

Want to know what pushed me over the edge to write this this morning?

(FYI: You should know that if a certain kind of language bothers you, don’t read the rest of this.. and maybe don’t sign up. But you will miss out, I promise you!)

From her post, When you feel like a raging failure

I missed a client call. I want to reschedule but everything is so up in the air, I don’t even know when to tell them. I feel horrible, guilt-ridden and sick. I feel like I’m drowning. I feel like my home business, doing what I love, is a fabulous sparkly present and I’m stomping on it daily. I feel like every time I fuck something up, little bits of sparkle wash down the drain and soon I will be left with nothing. I don’t know how in the hell I’m ever going to deliver on all of the promises I’ve made — promises I want to keep, promises I had every intention of keeping, promises that I didn’t think would be a problem.

If some body whose clients pay a lot of money for the service (which is NOT the same as a coach making a lot of money) can make this kind of mistake, and then publish the fact? Well, then she’s got something I want!