• The ACO values education–providing to our members current, reliable and pertinent information about ADHD and ADHD coaching. To that end we publish this article about a new credentialing organization

by Barbara Luther, MCC, and Chana Klein, PCC

This is a very new development. More information will follow in upcoming communications.

The ADHD community has waited a long time for an ADHD-coach certification program. As chairs of different committees, we (Barbara Luther, MCC and Chana Klein, PCC) have been working with IAAC since November to help make that happen.

While we honor the people in IAAC who saw the need for such an entity and who actually began to implement it and while we enjoyed working with them, we could not continue with IAAC for some very fundamental reasons which we expressed to them numerous times.

Therefore, we held a meeting at ADDA conference where we announced the creation of a new ADHD coach credentialing organization which we have named PAAC (Professional Association of ADHD Coaches).

We are creating PAAC because we care deeply about professional quality and standards for ADHD coaches. We welcome your input, your expertise and perspective, and your participation.

We recorded our meeting at ADDA and also offer our PowerPoint slides to explain our logic and reasons. We hope you’ll take time to listen.

  • Click here to download an audio recording of this meeting.
  • Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation of the meeting:
    What REALLY going on with ADHD Coaching Certification

We are committed to open communication and can be contacted as follows:

Chana Klein

Barbara Luther

[ed. note: Watch next month for an article from the IAAC about their processes.]