NeuroDiversity is Not Disability

Communications Director, Susan Macintosh
Susan Macintosh

Susan McIntosh, Chair, Marketing & PR at ACO has a big vision for changing attitudes toward NeuroDiversity. This comes from her personal experiences in a world of misconceptions about ADHD that hurt her sons because their neurological development was not recognized and respected as any other human variation. Quite simply put, there is nothing more powerful than a mother protecting her cubs. What distinguishes humans from others in the animal kingdom is that under this kind of pressure the best of parenting not only makes the world safe for their children but for all children. And that is how one vision changes the world.

As Susan said, ‘I guess my vision comes from my inner knowings and experiences.’ Her vision as Chair of Marketing & PR of the ACO includes her belief that:

  • We have a unique opportunity in the ACO to raise the profile of ADD Coaching and our specialist coaches.
  • We can change the global community perception about ADHD from what it is at present, which is an extraordinary goal.
  • We can encourage that global community to create (with specialist coaching help) a world where neurodiversity is encouraged and applauded.

Susan strongly believes in the value of neurodiversity…and believes that there is not a standard brain. Thinking differently one can create and open new worlds of possibility. She comes from a family of high achievers (all ADD) and married into a family of high achievers (all ADD).  Her three gorgeous sons are definitely not disabled, are high achievers and are creating their own unique pathways in life via their strengths. They are not mainstream and despite one formerly being called mentally retarded he is now completing a double degree in law and finance.

Yes, there are challenges with ADHD…and that can be a good thing. Successfully overcoming challenges creates new strengths. It is all about vision and perception.