It’s funny how the mind seems to have a need to make connections. Sometimes those connections are so random they’re irrelevant. For example, as I sat down to prepare this article, I was excited to count 12 names on the list of new members. Maybe it’s because I’m a numbers person that my mind began making connections with the number 12: December 12, 2012 recently passed; ‘Tis the season that we hear The 12 days of Christmas at least 12 times a day; and the aptly named ACO Connections conference begins the 12th day of April (pre–conference sessions on the 11th – wink, wink).  What did I get out of this exercise? …about 12 seconds of entertainment and the chance to work in a shameless plug for our conference. That’s about it.

Moving myself along, I read each name on the list. Again, my mind began making connections but this time it was quite different. While I haven’t interacted with everyone listed, those with whom I have were quickly associated with the experience. This left me with the sense of connection I had hoped to achieve when I joined the ACO.

My point is this… Each of us joined this community for a reason. What was your reason? If connection had anything to do with it, why not purposefully connect to one of our new members. It’s easy to do. Click on a name to bring up the profile so you can copy the email address and send a quick note or say, “Hello” by leaving a comment below.

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