YOU are important to the ACO community!

Are you looking for a way to get more involved with the ACO?

  • Do you love to reach out and connect with people?
  • Do you long to talk about, and share, your passionate ADHD message with others?
  • Do you dream about organizing, balanced budgets and money?
  • Are you a natural born (or trained) leader, facilitator or teacher?
  • Do you thrive on facts, figures and research studies?

If you answered YES—or even maybe—to any of the above questions, then the ACO has a spot for YOU!

The ACO continues to grow at a rapid pace and we need your input

We need members like YOU, with talent, time, and commitment, to take an active leadership role in the ACO’s development. What does serving on the board of the ACO offer you? How about the opportunity to:

  • develop skills that can help you in your own business.
  • work with a fun, inspiring, and dedicated group of fellow coaches to advance the ADHD Coaching profession.
  • establish expert status.
  • gain an amazing group of colleagues and friends that will call you forth.

Most importantly, being a part of the ACO Board or Leadership Team gives you the opportunity to serve and change the way the world views ADHD. The ACO board positions are for two-year terms, with half the standing board positions elected in any given year.

Positions being voted on this year are:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Membership
  • Research
  • Public Relations/ Marketing

What’s the nominations process?

  • Current board members are being asked if they wish to continue to serve.
  • Active committee members are being asked if they wish to serve.
  • ANY ACO member in good standing who is interested in serving may apply.

ALL candidates must submit their application, answering the four application questions, by March 15, 2012. (This is a member responsibility and therefore, login to the members area is required.) When you submit the form, it goes to

The election will be held Friday, April 20, 2012.
ACO board members take their positions on June 1, 2012.

If you have questions about a position or if you have interest in helping on a committee rather than on the board, contact the Nominating Committee Chair Kricket Harrison. We would love to hear from you!

If you want to get involved, now is the time to step up.

Think about it. There are lots of ways to participate in the growth of the ACO. You just need to step in. It’s a lot of fun, and (trust me) very rewarding.

Contact Kricket Harrison, Chair of the Nominating Committee, and let her know about your interest and/or questions.


ACO Nominating Committee
Kricket Harrison
Katherine Jahnke
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