Shifting their perspective on people and process

with Cameron Gott


Stuck Client? It could be a stuck perspective. Join us for an interactive talk on moving your clients to a more positive perspective on underutilized resources: people and process.

November 8, 2011  at  8 p.m. Eastern
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About the program:

Organizations from 2 to 2000 people count on collaboration, communication and agreed processes to function well. Organization members in leadership positions have people at all levels they need to communicate with, delegate to, and deliver key completions to. They also have processes (procedures, systems, routines) they need to understand and utilize to be effective team members.

Yet for the professional with ADHD, resourcing people and process effectively can be challenging. The challenge often begins with how the professional views these resources. They can see people such as managers as “uncompassionate and meddling” and a process such as expense reports as “boring and unnecessary.”

Join entrepreneur coach Cameron Gott as he takes listeners through an exercise designed to shift your client’s perspective and leverage their natural strengths on the “Two P’s” to a more positive and actionable place.

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About the speaker:

Cameron Gott is an ADHD coach who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find more rewarding and creative ways to reach their goals and rely less on urgency as a motivator. Leveraging ADHD is about limiting challenges and accentuating strengths and skill sets. Cam helps his clients identify what really matters in their lives and build a framework to get there. Cam is a willing, supportive and enthusiastic partner who understands his clients’ unique brain wiring. Find him on the web at

Cam has been coaching ADHD professionals and entrepreneurs for over 10 years working with successful business owners and executives from Disney, Chrysler, Goodyear and Bayer around managing their ADD and getting things done. I am a trainer with Denslow Brown, MCC at Coach Approach for Organizers developing and teaching ADD coaching courses. I am also a tele-class leader at ADD Coach Academy.