Dear Members,

We have a significant opportunity.

Many people are talking about ADHD and Schwartz’s new book, ADHD Nation, in which he discusses the misdiagnosis and mismanagement of ADHD. Although he explains in this book that ADHD is real and can be medicated when appropriate, he warns America to address a growing national health crisis. This swelling interest in ADHD is an opportunity for ADHD Coaches to engage in the discussions that shape the perceptions of our profession. ACO offers its members support, resources, and a community to successfully engage in these meaningful discussions.

ACO provides a community to you.
Our community is a collective source of value for every member. We are a community of professionals that provides a sustainable channel to process and consume valuable experiential learning of its members. Imagine ADHD coaches from across the US  (and the world) collaborating on coaching ideas, research, and business trends. Having access to an overall collective and mutual intelligence is a true benefit of ACO’s membership.

ACO provides education for you.
Within this community, there are many educational opportunities for you — Opportunities that encourage you to work with your peers, sharpen your skills, and improve your businesses. Because ACO values excellence in ADHD coaching, we provide occasions that encourage members to develop and excel professionally.

ACO supports high professional standards.
“I didn’t know that ADHD coaching was a thing,” someone recently said to me after I had introduced myself. It is true; ADHD coaching is still a young profession. As with any other professions that are still developing, the borders of it may not always be clear. ACO supports you – and our profession — by outlining and supporting high professional and ethical standards for our profession. We support credentialing but are not affiliated with any credentialing body.

Books like ADHD Nation start conversations. This is a significant opportunity to have conversations with those who want to discuss ADHD — even if they don’t understand it fully or are guided by the incorrect information.  Engage those meaningful discussions, knowing that you have a community of professionals who can support and provide resources for you.


TamaraRosierBest Wishes,
Tamara Rosier, Ph.D.