Chicago Calls!

Chicago is the city of Skyscrapers, Lloyd Wright, Obama, Oprah, Capone, Pullman, The Cubs, (and the White Sox), Da Bears, The Bulls, House, Deep Dish Pies and Hot Dogs with Attitude. It’s one hell’uva looker with a skyline that kicks New York’s right up the Brownstone. Add to that Lake Michigan, a pumping restaurant and cultural scene, and residents with manners to put Parisians to shame. Chicago—it’s everyone’s kind of town.
(Luxe City Guides).

And now, just days away, it is also home to our annual Conference…Coaches Called to Courage.

We have coaches flying in from around the Globe. We will meet and re-acquaint ourselves with new and old friends and luxuriate in being in ‘our own community.’

The 2011 ACO Coaches Called to Courage Conference is jam packed with vibrant, informative and nurturing sessions. And for the tourist in us, there are Chicago sites to discover.What more is there that we  can do, but pack our bags and plan to play and have fun!

Have Courage Seeing Chicago

We have pizzaz and jazz a’happenin’…

So, come and fall in love with

  • Chicago’s skyline – second to none
  • The Violet Hour – Damn glam cocktails
  • Lake Michigan Waterfront – lovely and leisurely
  • Sabbia – Fantabulous jewelery
  • Piccolo Sogno – The Patio! The Patio!
  • The Modern Wing – Bravo, Renzo Piano, the architect who is believed to say ‘Modern Art was invented in Chicago’
  • RL – Return to Old World Style
  • Cerato – Championing Home Talent
  • Salvage One – Home Treasure Hunt
  • Roof top Bars – guess where I am going to be?

See you there!