Peruvians Bring ADHD Love to Chicago

Bea Duda and Maya Echegaray

When we heard at the 2010 CHADD conference that a conference for ADHD coaches was going to take place in 2011, we felt very hesitant to attend it. It would be our first time to share our experience with many American, Canadian and other international ADHD coaches and at the same time, it was a great opportunity for us and for Peruvian visibility.

After two months of conversation, we decided that it would be a wonderful chance to spread information about and share all we’ve been doing to provide service to clients in Peru with ADHD, and to show to our international colleagues that their knowledge of and work in ADHD Coaching is an inspiration for many people in other parts of the world, especially in our Lima, Perú.

Courageous Decision Travels Far

So, we decided to send a proposal to present a focused view of our ADHD coaching experience. We also wanted to prove through our sharing that anything is possible, and to show this through our passion of nearly ten years of hard work and results.

Visiting Chicago, a very beautiful city was really inspiring. Going high in those big buildings brought us to think that the sky is our limit; that we can go as far as we can dream. With that inspiration, we arrived at the ACO conference.

Love, the Universal Language

Even more inspirational to us was our presentation day. Once we arrived at the ACO Conference, we received the kindness and interest of many people, especially helpful in the minutes before the presentation. Again we thought that there are no boundaries, and that together we all can create a meaningful network in order to design different ways to reach out and to help ADHD clients. By presenting, we were always aware that no one knew who we were; all we knew was that we were there in service to clients with ADHD. We had made an opportunity to talk about our work to our peer coaches: it was amazing to us.

Suddenly, our presentation began, attention was gathered and the lights went out. Every person felt connected with our speech from the very first moment. And  everything flowed: laughs, interest, empathy, evaluations, thoughts and the best of all, a huge amount of sensitivity. A meaningful applause opened our hearts and opened the possibilities of success to work for all who need us. ADHD Coaching means all of this: ADHD coaching is to work with love, a universal language.

Bea Duda and Maya Echegaray