With so many coaches working on their own, the subject of practice anxiety should not be unexpected. It is easy to fall into a trap, thinking you have to do it all yourself. You find that learning how to run a business can mean hours of research in areas where you have little interest. You tell friends and family you don’t have time to go to lunch. You pass up opportunities to spend time on leisure activities. You tell yourself that you’ll have time for those things when you have a particular number of clients or when you are making a certain amount of money.

When you follow this path you tend to become more isolated. The work feels more and more difficult and it can do a number on your self esteem. Stress and the anxiety that results can be overwhelming. In this position of weakness, you might make poor decisions about your business.

There are several steps you can take to help avoid reaching the point of surrender.

  • Begin working your business part time. Keeping an income while the business gets off the ground can relieve the stress of knowing where you will get the money to pay the bills
  • Make connections with other coaches. Most coaches go through a training program. Talk to people in your class. Make contacts outside of class time. You may find someone to discuss the steps to building your practice.
  • Take time to enjoy life. If you become a hermit how will you help clients find balance in their lives?
  • Step back occasionally to check your progress. Is your marketing on track for your niche? Does your website reflect who you are? Are your products aimed at the right market? Any of these may change dramatically in a few months, especially as you begin your practice. Make sure you’re best foot is forward where people will be looking for a coach.
  • Get a coach. It is amazing the number of people who want to be a coach but don’t see the value of coaching for themselves. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is probably a business expense. You might exchange coaching with someone from your class. The experience of being coached and trying out different ways to approach a problem can pay off. It can give you more confidence in yourself to work with paying clients.

Make a solid plan. Get the support you require. And remember that keeping balance in your life isn’t just something you sell to clients. With balance in your life you stand a much better chance of beating the odds and building a thriving practice.

Jan DeLaura

About the author:

Jan DeLaura is a coach who works with clients nationwide by phone and leads group coaching sessions with adults in Norfolk, VA. You may reach her by phone at 757-961-3599 or email her at coach@addliving.net