What is Your Role in ADHD Awareness Week?

Robb Garrett, ACO President

Now is the time to take the first step in promoting the 2011 ADHD Awareness Week. The ADHD coaching community needs its members, all of its members:

  • to participate in raising the awareness of ADHD,
  • to clarify what ADHD is and
  • to communicate to the public about the value and effectiveness of ADHD coaching as a key intervention strategy for the management of ADHD.

We want everyone off the sidelines, doing their part in their own local communities and beyond.

October 16 – 22 is ADHD Awareness Week: are you prepared?

  • Have you placed a link on your webpage for www.adhdawarenessweek.org?
  • Is there a school that would let you set up at lunch with the 7 Myths About ADHD?
  • Is there a PTA meeting you could attend to speak to parents and teachers about ADHD?
  • Can you place an ad in your local paper?

Partner Within Your Support Community

The ACO is a leader in the ADHD Awareness Week efforts with its key partners: CHADD, ADDA, ADDitude Magazine and the National Resource Center on ADHD. There are great ideas for you to implement on the co-sponsored website www.adhdawarenessweek.org to prepare you for promoting ADHD Awareness.

My Call to Courage for you is to partner with fellow coaches and other ADHD professionals in your sphere to get the word out. Make it a goal of yours to keep your community informed about ADHD.

I’d love for you to let me know what you are planning to do, to share with our coaching community. Post to the awareness@www.adhdcoaches.org those ideas from which we can all be inspired. Let’s get the ACO message of ADHD coaching support to every person impacted by ADHD.

Robb Garrett
ACO President