President’s Message

Robb Garrett, ACO President

It was such a great pleasure to participate in the ACO conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA this year!

It was as I suspected: great to connect with ‘ol friends and make new ones. I was taken aback at how many of the sessions were new and informative and at the level of innovation and value that was over the top!

For the 130 who attended, you know what I mean. For our members who were not able to attend this year, I want to encourage you to reach out to other ACO members and ask them to share their experience with you. It would be a great way for you to reach out over the phone to fellow members you do not yet know and find out about what they learned and what they experienced.

Special Commendation for ACO Guiding Light

Sarah Wright Accepts the 2012 Glen Hogard Award for distinguished service to the professional ADHD coaches community.

Glen Hogard, Sarah Wright, Robb Garrett

Our Past President, Founding Board Member, and ACO guiding light, Sarah Wright was accorded the honor of receiving the 2012 Glen Hogard Award for distinguished service to the professional ADHD coaches community. Sarah served on the ACO board from its inception in December of 2005 until June of 2011, serving as president from 2006 through 2009. She also served separately as Executive Director for the Edge Foundation and has been the point person for the ADHD Awareness Coalition since the ACO first got involved. She has helped put ADHD Coaching on the map, is a published ADHD author, and continues to raise awareness in the public of the realities and existence of ADHD and the value ADHD coaching offers to those impacted by ADHD. We are grateful for her outstanding and selfless service.

Collaboration Leads to Mutual Growth

I want to thank our speakers, our conference volunteers, and those who otherwise volunteer and serve the ACO. The ACO also acknowledges and thanks the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy (ADDCA) and President, David Giwerc for coordinating and holding their yearly conference to happen the day preceding the ACO conference at the ACO hotel venue. The ACO and ADDCA feel that scheduling and coordinating events together helps build our coaching community and encourages more people to attend the ACO Conference and that is a win for us all.

All those businesses providing ADHD coach training or credentialing are invited and encouraged to inquire about holding an event immediately before or after the ACO conference in 2013. More information will be available regarding the dates and locations within the next thirty days. Stay tuned for details.

The ACO, building on its community of members, the ADHD community-at-large, our volunteers and supporters — past and present– achieved a new level of qualitative and quantitative growth at this year’s conference. It is a joy to participate with each of you in this adventure and I am looking forward to our next collaborative creations.


Robb Garrett, M.A., MCC, ACT