I always wonder how a month goes by so fast! Time again for another issue of Circle and message from the president.

The Round Table discussion this month, with special guests John Agno and Suzanne Evans, was inspiring and thought provoking.  One of the big take home messages from the discussion was, “Don’t go it alone.”  Suzanne gets as much done and is as successful as she is because she delegates. She gets others to do the things she’s not so good at. She started by making trades. Now she can afford to pay for those services. John reminded us that all coaches should have their own coach. It’s not just a matter of walking the talk, it really does help us achieve personal and professional success.

If you didn’t get to attend live, we did record it. Members can get the recording here. (It’s also available in the description of this great call.)

wonderingMy question from last month’s Circle

I was thinking about it when I heard John Agno at the RoundTable call. Do you have your own coach? If the answer is, no, the question is, why not? If money is the issue, why not buddy coach or enter into a master mind group with fellow coaches? If you are interested in getting partnered up with like-minded folks to support you, keep you on track, and brainstorm with on a regular basis, send an email to members@www.adhdcoaches.org. We’ll get you connected.

What do the members want?

Also, as promised in last month’s Circle, we’re conducting a survey of members to find out what is most important to you. But rather than just sending out a boring form to complete,  we are conducting it personally via the phone.

We are asking general questions about the organization  and more specific ones about our proposed new program, the ACO’s Advanced ADHD Coach Education or AACE program. This program will bring you short courses from a variety of top trainers on everything from taking your coaching to the next level, to developing niche markets, to serious business and technology skills.

We’re having a lot of great conversations and learning a lot of interesting things.

These calls are your chance to get your input into the development of this program and the future of the ACO.

If you haven’t heard from someone yet, don’t worry. It takes time to call everyone (and the truth is, we might not get to everyone – it’s a lot of calls to make!). If you want to jump to the top of the queue, you can call one of the board members directly, or give us a call at 888-638-3999. Someone will get back with you shortly.

So, the ACO is taking action on your behalf. Are you?

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.