I remember as a schoolgirl anticipating September with mixed feelings. I was wistful about the end of summer, but excited about getting new clothes—growth comes with consequences!—and excited about returning to the familiar routine of regular school days and daily contact with my friends.

The ACO is similarly faced with the consequences of a year of growth and  finding new routine. This November when we conduct our annual elections the consequences of both personal and organizational growth will result in changes on the Board.

  • I will not be seeking reelection, becoming instead Immediate Past President.
  • Diane Ladd, who has done such a fabulous job in developing Programs and Benefits, will become Member-at-Large.
  • Kerch McConlogue, who has had a significant hand in much of what we experience as the ACO (the website, the newsletter, the conference), will be stepping down from the Board. She will continue to be webmaster, but someone else will be picking up her other duties.
  • Viv Monahan, who with Rudy Rodriquez, has become chair of the 2010 Conference Committee, will be stepping down as Treasurer.

Viv, Diane, Kerch and I have all really enjoyed our time serving the ACO in these positions and, as you may have noticed, none of us is actually leaving, just moving on to other responsibilities. We will continue to serve in ways that suit the ACO’s needs and our current availability. Such is the way of all volunteer organizations.

In contemplating these shifts, the board discussed what makes the ACO so special and why we so enjoy and feel so blessed to serve the organization. The conversation was enthusiastic. We feel strongly, even passionately, about what we do and why we do it. So here are the four major things we came up with. We want you to share in our passion for growing this organization, our profession and ourselves.

What makes really participating in the ACO so special?

  1. Most of our coaches are self-employed. Volunteering at the ACO gives you a ready-made community to energize and support you in your professional and personal life. Depending on just what you do with the ACO, it gives you exposure, experience and opportunity to make connections with interesting, accomplished, inspiring people—including just about any ADHD coach in the world! It offers the opportunity to develop skills that are transferable to other (perhaps paying!) jobs. And, finally, the exposure and prestige of being on the ACO’s Board of Directors or an ACO committee can be leverage for your career.
  2. The ACO supports credentialing and yet is unaffiliated with any credentialing body, choosing to embrace the benefits of diversity. This challenges ADHD coaches and coaching to develop by embracing the best practices from many perspectives and disciplines.
  3. The ACO is all about excellence, education and community. In support of these values, ACO has developed the following benefits for our members. Each of these gives members multiple ways to learn, grow and engage with other members:
    • the website with all its resources, especially the members only parts! And just FYI, our website is ranked first or on the first page of Google searches for AD/HD or ADHD + coach, coaches, or coaching!
    • the monthly newsletter with its editorials, useful information, new and regular features. We’re adding a new advertising component only for members!
    • the monthly Round Table discussion
    • the monthly Expert Speakers Series
    • the annual national/international ACO Conference
    • the new ADHD Continuing Coach Education (ACCE) program which debuts next month and will continue to bring you interesting and challenging advanced coach trainings
  4. The ACO is really the place for coaches who work in this important coaching specialty. It is entirely about ADHD coaching, for ADHD coaches, by ADHD coaches. It is not a once-a-year gathering as a minor track at another organization’s conference (think ICF, CHADD, ADDA). Remember when that was all that was available to ADHD coaches? That all changed with the ACO was created from a grass-roots effort by a group of ADHD coaches.

As Viv, Diane, Kerch, I and all the others have discovered, the ACO is a great place to hang out with friends and make new ones. Putting in hours here is a great experience, both personally and professionally. If this sounds good to you, just speak up. Any Board Member will be happy to give you the skinny, or you can just email me or call me directly at 760-436-8766.

Whether it’s a one time project or an ongoing commitment at what ever level, we’ll help you find the perfect job for you. You’ll be proud of what you accomplish, and you’ll have fun too.

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.