Pills don’t teach skills. ADHD Coaches know it. It is, after all, the whole reason for our profession. Part of our job is to educate the rest of the world as to the truth of that adage, and it’s not always what people want to hear. Some people really do just want to pop a pill and be “fixed.” However, we know that for most people, this simple approach won’t be enough.

Pills don’t teach skills. The pill makers know it too. And one company is doing something about it. Shire Pharmaceuticals, maker of Adderall, Vivance and related medications, has approached the ACO to be partners in an unbranded public service announcement campaign. These public service announcements will run in a variety of media (TV, radio, print) to educate the public about adult ADHD and the importance of proper diagnosis and evidence-based treatment. The ads will direct viewers and listeners to an unbranded website, which in turn will direct visitors to authoritative and well respected resources for ADHD. That list of well respected resources is very short: another of Shire’s unbranded ADHD sites, CHADD, ADDA, and the ACO.

Shire approached us to participate in this public service announcement campaign because they care about the success of those who are prescribed medication as part of their treatment. They know folks will be happier and more successful if they get good evidence-based information about ADHD and follow a multi-modal treatment plan. Thus they want their customers, and the greater ADHD population, to know about CHADD, ADDA, and the ACO.

Shire was a sponsor of last year’s ACO conference. They noticed we’re doing a good job creating a solid, professionally run organization to which they can confidently refer people. And we’re very pleased they noticed!

Once the public service announcements start running in October, the ACO website and our Find-A-Coach referral database will be seeing a lot more traffic. If you are already a member, we encourage you to update your profile and make sure the contact information is up to date. If you are not yet a member, have we got a deal for you! If you are a professional coach and join now as a professional member, you can get your full membership benefits and a full page listing for the rest of this year and all of the next for just $150.

All my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.