To Our ACO Members

Robb Garrett, ACO President

I am of mixed emotions as the ACO Board says goodbye to some dedicated members and welcomes some wonderful new people.

Thank you to all our board members who have been working to guide the ACO into the future. Some members are moving into different roles and others are heading on to new projects of their own.

We welcome several new board members and new roles for some of our experienced hands.

  • Terry Dickson has moved from the leadership team to become our new Vice President
  • Kricket Harrison has rolled over from Vice President to become a Member-At-Large.
  • Joyce Kubik is taking over as conference chair

We also welcome:

  • Jonathan Caroll has stepped up to manage the ACO marketing effort
  • Terri Gantt will be the new membership chair
  • Carolyn Skinner as our new, and very experienced, treasurer,
  • Andrew Madejczyk as our new technology chair.

For the last four years, Kay Axtell has been our Membership Chair and Susan Macintosh our Marketing Chair. They will both be moving on, as will Judith Champion who chaired our 2012 Conference. We thank them all for their time, their hard work, and their commitment to the ACO.

The Last, Original Founding Board Member

A special mention is given to Kerch McConlogue who is pursuing her new business as an independent web designer. Kerch was a founding member of the ACO and a volunteer for many years.

She was the first editor of Circle as well as our first, and for many years our only book keeper, webmaster, and tech support person. And, Kerch chaired our first two conferences, giving us the first opportunities to meet members in person and thereby grow the leadership.

For the last 2 years she has been a paid ACO contractor performing duties as webmaster, Circle publisher, wellspring of arcane ACO miscellany, and general adviser on all things technical. If you’ve had a problem, it’s likely you’ve talked to Kerch. The ACO will miss her participation.

Please give each of these people your personal thank you, acknowledgement and gratitude. They are some of the fine people who have contributed their time and creativity to make it possible for the ACO to exists.

With Change Comes Opportunity

Do you have a vision or passion for involvement with the ACO? Our programs chair is open as is the chair for conference marketing. Please call me. Let’s talk about it.

Robb Garrett