Change is inevitable;
growth is intentional.

–Glenda Cloud

Here it is, the end of 2009. All the media are filled with reviews of the past year and pundits are guessing about what’s to come. At the ACO we don’t have to guess about some of what’s coming our way. With the turning of the year, the ACO is about to have a brand new Board of Directors:

  • President – Ian King
  • Vice President – Robb Garrett
  • Secretary and Treasurer – Katherine Jahnke
  • Chair of Membership Services – Kay Axtell
  • Chair of Programs and Benefits – Joyce Kubik
  • Chair of Marketing and PR – Rudy Rodriguez
  • Conference Chair – Viveca Monahan
  • Circle Editor – Maureen Nolan
  • Immediate Past President – Sarah Wright

Last month in my President’s Letter, I talked about all the great new talent coming onto the ACO’s Board of Directors for 2010. The ACO is indeed lucky to have these folks volunteering their time to fulfill the ACO’s vision for a world made better for folks with ADHD through the specialized–and recognized–talents of ADHD coaches, and through ACO’s mission to advance ADHD coaches and coaching worldwide.

But that was last month. This month, in the waning days of the year, it is tradition to look back and acknowledge what has gone before. Thus I wish to acknowledge two outgoing board members, Diane Ladd and Kerch McConlogue, who have contributed greatly to the growth and success of the ACO.

Diane Ladd was a member of our first Leadership Team and quickly joined the Board as the Chair of Programs and Benefits. Believing that high quality programs are a primary reason for and benefit of ACO membership, she immediately dove into her job. For two years she oversaw the Round Table, scheduled and/or hosted dozens of Expert Speakers’ Series presentations, and was key in implementing the ACO’s ADHD Coach Continuing Education (ACCE) program. She also pitched in to help her fellow board members, making contributions to communications, marketing, and conferences. The Board of Directors will certainly miss her ideas, energy, drive, and feistiness, but we know that her family and her clients will appreciate having more of her time.

Kerch McConlogue was a member of the original steering committee that resulted in the ACO. She is also a Founding Board Member. Kerch, with her diverse expertise, has contributed in many ways to the success of the ACO. With her expertise in bylaws and non-profit organizations, she helped create a solid legal and operational foundation for the ACO. With her expertise in the web, html, and writing, she created our website and within six months of incorporation got the ACO on the first page of a Google search for any combination of ADHD or AD/HD + coach or coaches or coaching. With her expertise in writing and editing, she created and became writer for and editor of the Circle newsletter, putting out almost 50 issues. With her expertise in managing events, she was chair of our first conferences. The ACO has benefited immeasurably from Kerch’s expertise and energy and, although we’re sad to see her leave the Board of Directors, we know all things must change, and we’re glad she’ll be staying on as webmaster.

With the beginning of the new year, there will be another change at the ACO. As already announced, I will be stepping down as President. Thus, this the last President’s Letter I will write. I have been writing these letters for Circle since September 2006 and I have mixed feelings as I write my last one. I am very much looking forward to working with and handing things off to the ACO’s new president, Ian King. But, after so many years with this as a way of life, it feels a bit odd as well.

Vision without action
is merely a dream.

Action without vision
just passes the time.

Vision with action
can change the world.

–Joel Barker

I want to thank my fellow members of the Board of Directors both past and present, members of the Leadership Teams, and members of the ACO’s Professional Advisory Board for an amazing experience in helping create and build this extraordinary organization. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with you for these last four years.

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization