How Many Coaches Does It Take to Make a Decision?

Robb Garrett, ACO President

Do prospective coaching clients need to talk to at least three coaches before they decide on a coach? There are some ADHD-related organizations and individuals who advise or insist that coaches encourage or require prospective clients talk to at least three coaches before making a personal ADHD coach selection. Do physicians, attorneys, or CPA’s, or consultants do anything like this?

What impact does this have on the coaches?

If a coach has 30 individual clients in his practice and the mean time that clients stay is for 3 months, the coach would need more than 10 new clients to come into his practice each month to stay at 30 clients. That would mean, that if he found that 50% of the prospective clients with whom he spoke become his client within 30 days, he would need to have 20 informational/consultations per month to just maintain his practice at the same level.

How do you suppose it would impact his working hours and his practice if every prospect was also strongly encouraged to speak with at least three coaches before selecting a coach? How many more work hours would be added to his month?

What is your take on this idea? What is in it for the coach?

Would it support the coach to build and maintain a sustainable practice and to build it for the long run?

I would love to hear your thoughts at conference, if you are attending, or at my email below.

See You in Atlanta,

Robb Garrett, M.A., MCC
President, ACO