In these crazy times, the changing of the year has brought challenges and problems to so many. Fortunately at the ACO, it has brought us a new group of dedicated and energetic Board Members and Leadership team members.

Members were elected to these Board positions for two-year terms beginning this month.

  • Robb Garrett is our new Vice President
  • Viveca Monahan is our new Treasurer
  • Katherine Jahnke is our new Chair of Membership Services
  • Kerch McConlogue remains Chair of Communications

As for the other positions on the Board of Directors that will come up for election at the end of this year:

  • Sarah Wright remains President
  • Robb Garrett remains Chair of Public Relations and Marketing
  • Laurie Dupar remains Secretary
  • Diane Ladd remains Chair of Programs and Benefits

I note with regret that Jan DeLaura, who was Treasurer of the ACO from its inception until last November, has resigned from the Board of Directors where she recently served member-at-large. Jan quietly and reliably took care of the ACO’s books and legal paperwork and kept us out of trouble. We are really going to miss her.

But we are delighted that Viv Monahan is ably taking her place.  Jan is very much looking forward to her new career as a merchant mariner, bringing our troupes home from Iraq.

As for our new leadership team members, we welcome:

  • Nan Daley
  • Joyce Kubik
  • Rudy Rodriguez
  • Linda Roggli

This job is basically a junior board position. We have a new team every 6 months—you’re in and you’re out—and while you’re in you do almost everything a board member does: attend board meetings, participate in discussions, work on committees, and find your niche. Previous Leadership team members have almost all gone on to become board members, committee members, or taken on some specific job they call their own and do a wonderful job with.  If you are interested in doing more at the ACO, keep this option in mind.

In welcoming the new leadership team members, I’d like to thank our outgoing team: Robb Garrett, Katherine Jahnke, Tara McGillicuddy, Viveca Monahan, and Pat Wood. As you may have noticed, we didn’t actually say goodbye to any of them. Robb, Katherine, and Viv are now all on the Board of Directors. Pat is doing a great job doing exactly what she wants to do at the Expert Speakers Series and at the ACO’s conference book store. And Tara remains a font of wisdom and expertise whom we rely on for certain kinds of things no one else knows the answers to.

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming the new team and thanking the old one. With the world the way it is, it’s more important than ever that we stick together and help each other through.

All my best in the New Year,

Sarah D. Wright
ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.