I had an extraordinary experience this last week that changed me and left me feeling particularly grateful. Chana Klein (Thank you, Chana!) held an ICF SIG call to highlight our upcoming ACO Conference, along with a number of great coaches and presenters who will be sharing at our conference. The diversity and brilliance of our community always astounds me and this call was no exception.

Diverse Coaching Approaches Include All

On the call, several of the speakers shared the messages they will present. As I was listening I realized something: that because of the sometimes ‘clinicalness’ of ADHD coaching, I can make up the story that if I am not fully educated to all of the latest neuroscience in our industry I am somehow ‘missing the mark’. The joy of being on the call was the reminder, because of the diverse approaches, that there are a number of paths that we coaches come from, including brain science, organizational, spiritual or a combination of those and others.

I deeply value all the approaches and glean pieces from all of them to support my approach. I use a combination of modalities and happen to find that they all tend to validate one another. No one approach makes us a better coach than someone else. What makes us a great coach is our commitment to follow our path and the path of our client, with appropriate knowledge, in their greatest service.

Advance All Approaches to Serve Our Client

What this leads to for me is again the kind of community I absolutely desire for us to have: one of high professional standards, one of extraordinary ethics, one of a large diversity of approaches and resources for all to share, one where our members are fully inclusive of the diverse approaches our coaches take validating that the most important approach is the one that serves our client. When we do these things we represent our industry and ourselves in an exemplary way. When we do these things, we advance all approaches. When we do these things, it puts us all on the same side, partnering for the change that we wish to create in the world. I couldn’t be more ‘in.’

Our conference is coming up in just a few short weeks. We are ¾ full and may have to see how or if we can accommodate the overrun due to extraordinary signups. We have an exemplary and diverse slate of presenters. The energy and community that will be present are already palpable through my experience of the ICF call. I normally tend to speak in positives, so, don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the next evolution of our profession and our community.

Come Raise the Bar with us, and hang out in your off moments with me.  I can’t wait to see you all there!

Reaching out,

Ian King
President, ADHD Coaches Organization