Greetings Community!

It’s a bit hard to believe that our conference is already a month ago. In many ways I feel as if I’ve just returned: in others, it seems that the next one is ‘coming right up’.

Today, I thought I’d ask: “What brings you to life?”

This is a question that I’ve been considering extensively here recently for me. I have found that I can get into ‘doing’ modes of one type or another that, while they may be productive, may have little to do with creating aliveness in me. When my ‘aliveness’ is missing, the world (and my clients…and mostly me) really misses out. I also find that when I am not alive, my real smile may go missing as well. What a loss that is.

Some of the things that have recently had me feeling alive are:

  • Our conference. I was so connected to my self and others of you that I created ‘life’ for me and for others. What an amazing experience!
  • My intimate, deeply connected relationships where my smile comes effortlessly. I am truly home there.
  • Driving (fast, with very loud music!). I was recently challenged by a good friend of mine to get back in touch with that deep part of myself. That challenge included the invitation to drive her high performance Audi ‘as if it were mine’. I was so connected to the car, the power, the music, and ultimately myself that I have ‘ridden that high’ for some time since.

If I were to extrapolate here: at a base level I’d say my aliveness comes from connection. Connection gives me the wherewithal to attend, feel empowered, be in my passion, and to create. It happens first with myself, then spiritually, and then to and with others. It is truly an amazing experience to feel effortlessly alive: I highly recommend it! 😉

If you’re feeling at a low vibration, a bit down, overwhelmed or stressed, or perhaps you’ve just ‘lost your smile’, you might ask yourself: “What brings me to life?” I then challenge you to act upon the answer immediately (if not sooner).


Ian King

President, ACO