Just what is the leadership team?

As May rolls into June, many households are looking at changes brought on by the end of school and the change in activities and schedules of having kids at home more of the time. Many people may (or may not!) be looking forward to any trips they are planning for vacation or to visit family. It’s a rare household that doesn’t shift gears to some degree to accommodate the change of season.

At the ACO, we’re looking at some changes too. We welcome Joyce Kubik as our newly appointed Secretary, taking the position vacated by Laurie Dupar. Joyce was a member of our current Leadership team. That experience allowed her to learn the ropes at her own pace and see both what needed doing and where she’d be a good fit. We’re very pleased she volunteered for the job and she’s off to a strong start, taking up a variety of tasks that are benefiting from her infusion of energy and initiative. You can contact her at secretary@www.adhdcoaches.org.

What is this Leadership Team?

Participation is just a 6-month commitment. Terms run from January through June and from July through December. Team members attend board meetings and participate in discussions. They pitch in when they see something that needs doing and that is a good fit for their interests, skills, and availability. In some ways, participation in the Leadership Team can be thought of as a junior board position. It’s a chance to try out what it’s like to sit on the ACO board without making a two year commitment.

Some Leadership Team members have gone on to take full board positions, or to take initiative for some task that they make their own and continue to take responsibility for, or to work on committees, or to just be available for the occasional task when we need their particular expertise. Most of our current board members started out on the Leadership Team.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, we are currently looking for people interested in making  the 6-month commitment for the next Leadership Team starting in July. Here’s what you get:

  • a chance to see how things really run at the ACO
  • a regular forum to have your voice heard and to make a real difference in your professional membership organization
  • a ready-made team to inspire you if you’re feeling isolated in your professional life
  • national level opportunities that can benefit your career
  • the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile that is just plain fun!

Previous Leadership Team members have said things like, “This is the best run organization I’ve ever participated in,” and “I learned so much about how to get things done in a group!”

So if you are interested, or know someone you think would be great, please drop me or Rudy Rodriguez an email. (By the way, those messages come right to our personal mail boxes. We’ll hear you!)

Think about it. We’d love to have you.

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.