Volunteering Grows Coaches

Robb Garrett, ACO President

As I begin to reflect on my coaching life in 2011 and imagine what I want to create in 2012 , I will engage in a tradition that I often practice during this transition from one year into the next.

  • I reflect on what I am grateful for from the year coming to a close.
  • I express the gratitude internally within myself, verbally to others and to my higher power and then
  • I focus on that which I intend to have more of in the coming year.

For that which I had, which I would like to leave behind,

  • I reflect on the blessings, hidden as they may be at first…and even longer be, and
  • I work to find the blessings,
    • To express gratitude and
    • To release those things to go on their way.

As I reflect on my process now, I wonder if you, my fellow coaches, and my fellow ADD/ADHD community members, do you also wonder “why do I coach?” and “why do I volunteer?” Even as I question you, I see in my mind what I wish to create in the coming year and who I wish to become.

What Does Enough Look Like?

I often wonder why I continue to pour so much of my heart and soul into the process, the learning, the refining, the promoting of “ADHD Coaching as a Profession and Industry” as well as for Robb Garrett as a Professional Coach? I will stick with the bottom lines for me: Volunteering feeds the souls of the clients and the coach, it creates the space of learning, changing and transforming lives, families, organizations, and the world in which we live; it helps me affect the positive change of which I long to be a part.

I also, due to some very worthy and uncomfortable questions I have come across lately, volunteer with the ACO for similar reasons. I volunteer because I want to do my part to make sure coaching as a profession and an industry continues to grow and prosper, shine its light in the world, and to help be a part of accelerating its path.

What kind of 2012 will you create? What role will coaching play in your life, as a coach and as a coaching client?

What way will you volunteer with your fellow ACO members to lift up the profession and the industry to strengthen our community?

I can’t wait to see what we, together, will create!

Robb Garrett, M.A., MCC, ACT
ADHD Coaches Organization