New Talent

November—the month of Thanksgiving. And at the ACO there is much to be thankful for. There is the camaraderie and a chance to be involved in something worthwhile. The YahooGroup list serve for members and opportunities to ask questions and make comments on articles found all over our website. The Find-a-Coach directory and the Find ADHD Coach Training pages can help you fine resources for yourself and your clients. There are the interesting programs to participate in and the upcoming conference to look forward to.

I am particularly thankful that we have another annual election for the Board of Directors under our belts. We voted four very competent and wonderful people into key leadership positions. Their terms will take effect January 1, 2010 and last for two years.

Additionally, a couple of others have volunteered to step into open or opening positions that are not due for election until next November. They will be formally appointed to those positions at our next board meeting.

It is thus my pleasure to introduce the new members of your Board of Directors for 2010:

  • Ian King will be the new president,
  • Katherine Jahnke the new secretary and treasurer,
  • Joyce Kubik the new chair of programs and benefits,
  • Rudy Rodriguez the new chair of PR and marketing, and
  • Kay Axtell the new chair of membership services.

These people are all excellent coaches, but let me tell you the other reasons we are lucky to have these folks working for you and the ACO!

Ian King, who will be the new president, is founder and principle of King Solutions, Inc. and an entrepreneur, manager, and business developer with extensive background in sales, marketing, management, team building, and leadership development. He is also immediate past president of the Chicago Chapter of ICF, where he garnered leadership awards and helped that chapter gain both enthusiastic membership and regional and national recognition.

Katherine Jahnke, who has been a member of the leadership team, will be the new secretary and treasurer. Katherine started her local CHADD chapter and has helped run her family business for years. She has plenty of experience to prepare her to be responsible for the books and records of the ACO, and she will be ably supported by our VA and program coordinator, Trisha Jones.

Joyce Kubik is an author, speaker, and workshop presenter. She was secretary of the ACO and will be taking over as chair of the programs and benefits committee. Joyce is co-host of the monthly Round Table and has been instrumental in getting our ACCE program off the ground. She has big shoes to fill, but we are confident she can carry on the great work of outgoing programs and benefits chair, Diane Ladd.

Rudy Rodriguez, who has been a member of the leadership team, will be the new chair of the PR and marketing committee. He runs his own successful business, the ADHD Center for Success in Asheville, NC. Additionally, he is co-chair, with Viveca Monahan, of the ACO’s 2010 Conference, and in charge of publicizing that event.

Kay Axtell, who has been a member of the leadership team, will be the new chair of membership services. With her up beat, can-do attitude, and great rapport and communications skills, we know she’ll go a great job doing orientation for new and staying in touch with existing members.

Some things stay the same and more change.

I will become immediate past president, and Robb Garrett will remain as vice president.

Viv Monahan moves from her position as Treasurer to be the new conference chair
Maureen Nolan, who has been a leadership team member, will join us January 1st as our new editor of Circle.

Finally, Kerch McConlogue, who has been Communications Chair and Conference Chair, and Diane Ladd, past Programs and Benefits Chair will give up their posts and retire to their lives of crime. (More about them next month.)

I am truly thrilled at all the great talent and enthusiasm present in the members of our new 2010 Board of Directors.

I hope you’ll help me welcome these great folks to their new jobs and consider volunteering to help them in their various tasks (contact me or anyone on the board if you’re interested!). It is going to be a great year for the ACO!

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.