Random Acts of Thank You

Robb Garrett, ACO President

Who is the ACO? Well, it is our members. And if you are a member, you are one who represents the ACO.

During this month of November when there is a focus of being thankful for people, and other gifts in your life, I would like to devote this letter to thanking our volunteers. Of course our organization is run entirely by volunteers, including all the board members. Often those of us on the board are moving about and doing things in a more public or visible arena.

However, we have many additional volunteers who lead task forces, community awareness and special projects as well as other efforts in our quest to bring awareness to ADHD. Many of our tireless volunteers work behind the scenes ensuring the ACO and the ADHD Community at large are well represented. I would like to express my personal gratitude and thankfulness to each of those who have, do or will volunteer on behalf of the ACO. I speak for myself and the board when I say “Thank You.” Without you the ACO could not be the organization it is today.

Individual Acclimation

I thought I would take this opportunity to mention some of the volunteers by name, if you talk to them or run into them, please take a moment and thank them for their continuous efforts on behalf of our organization:

If you know of others, or if “you” are among the others, please send an email to admin@www.adhdcoaches.org and let me know who you are and what you have been doing.

Robb Garrett
ACO President