Robb Garrett, ACO President

Changing Locations to a Glen in the Woods

The Many Faces of ADHD

ACO 2012 Conference

March 23 through March 25, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am so looking forward to our 2011 ACO Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, at the warm and welcoming Crown Plaza Ravinia! The change in locations is like meeting in a woodlands. This location is set back in the trees in what otherwise looks like a busy retail area. The open, glassed in design of the main floor brings the outdoors inside; it has a refreshing, luscious indoor landscape. And there are outdoor woodland trails with seating for small group meetings, too.

Community, Connectedness and Comfort

The 2012 conference is a full day longer than before, with some very exciting, new surprises that frankly I have never seen at any other conferences (more to come about that)! I am looking for and expecting that same unique warmth, that welcoming sense of community we have experienced at our conferences over the years…the deep experience of community and connectedness – even with those we have never met or spoken with before.

Community is vital for us to feel connected and vital – so we can thrive – expand – grow – and prosper. You can expect to learn

  • How to expand your practice,
  • How to serve more people and
  • How to go to the bank more often…all so you can keep doing the work you love.

New Workshops, New Presenters, New Ideas

Judith Champion, our Conference Chair, is hard at work putting the call out for presenters who can teach us how to expand our work into different models of service and delivery including:

  • How to get contracts with agencies and work to spread ADHD coaching support and information,
  • How to serve as a teacher, trainer or facilitator, and
  • How skills that we have as coaches can be used in additional ways such as
  • How to reach larger groups of people, and
  • How to sustain our practice and our soul, using technology in practical, simple ways to reap huge and impactful results.

This 2012 ACO conference has all the ingredients to push and expand our limiting boundaries

  • As individuals,
  • As ADHD Coaches,
  • As members of the ADHD Community and
  • As leaders in charting the path for those impacted with ADHD to live fulfilling, impactful and rich lives.

I’ll see you there.

Robb Garrett