Here it is the end of June. A lot of us now have children home for the summer, disrupting our once stable routines which, or course, just means we have to develop new ones. Change happens, and learning to embrace it and roll with it is part of learning to live well. It’s part of what we as coaches help our clients do.

At this time of year change happens at the ACO as well. It’s time for our semi-annual ritual of saying good-bye to our last Leadership Team and introducing a new one.

The whole point of the Leadership Team is to offer people a short term commitment to participate at the level they can, to learn the ropes of how the ACO works, and see where they might best fit in, both during their time on the Leadership Team and possibly for a longer-term commitment to the ACO.

Once again, this has paid off, both for the participants and for the ACO. Joyce Kubik, Rudy Rodriguez, Nan Dailey, and Linda Roggli comprised our Spring Leadership Team. Of these, Joyce is now Secretary of the ACO, Rudy is staying on in his capacity as a member of this year’s Nominating Committee, and Nan and Linda are joining the ranks of people who now know the ropes and whom we can rely on to contribute whenever we ask them to. I thank them in particular for their contributions to our programs and marketing efforts and I look forward to continuing to work with them as appropriate projects come up.

The people stepping into the Leadership Team are Kay Axtell, Laurie Moore Skillings, and Maureen Nolan. Rudy Rodriguez, as mentioned above, is staying on to finish his commitment to this year’s Nominating Committee. We are looking forward to hearing their voices and diverse opinions, which greatly enrich our discussions at board meetings, and to each of them finding their unique and rewarding role at the ACO.

As I mentioned last month, if you think at some point you might be interested in this short-term position, or know someone you think would be great, please drop Rudy Rodriguez or me an email. (By the way, those messages come right to our personal mail boxes. We’ll hear you!)

Sarah WrightAll my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.