Share the Light of Your Love

Today I want to speak about the brevity of life and what that means to me – and possibly to others ;-). It seems that over time I have forgotten about what I was taught about ‘Life’s too short…’ I became aware of this as some of the recent personal circumstances of my life brought me back here.

I was sitting with two good friends of mine about a week ago and I just shared with them that I am in a place of ‘Life’s too short to compromise myself – in any way.’ There are a million little things that are extraordinarily important to me. These things may or may not be important to others, however, they are important to me and I am the one who must honor that. As I spoke, I noticed a significant feeling of emotion in my dinner companions. They looked at each other and one of them spoke up to say: ‘We’re the kings of “Life’s too short’’ and proceeded to share their story. One story I knew, one I did not.

Kings of Life’s Too Short

My friend – we’ll call him John- who is about 50, reminded me of how he is the oldest of four siblings…and the only surviving one. This always floors me and I remember the losses as he’s experienced them. My other friend –we’ll call him Bill – is in the fourth year of relationship with the woman of his dreams. They found out last fall, quite by surprise, that this amazing, vibrant woman had a rare and virulent form of cancer. She was given a 10% survival rate. Survive, however, she has. They are now ecstatic and grateful that she owns a 50% survival rate. She has beaten the odds thus far; they intend to keep that track record.

As I listened and connected to my own feelings, I found tears running down my face. They were not tears of pain or sorrow or regret. They were tears of gratefulness and remembering. Life’s too short to spend any time on anything that’s not of utmost importance to me.

I Learned What I Needed at Home

Later as I reflected, I was reminded of what my parents taught me (despite all our many dysfunctional ways):

  • Never go to bed angry
  • Always talk it out and work it out, no exceptions
  • Always say you’re sorry, and mean it, and sound like you mean it – it’s not an apology if it doesn’t feel like an apology
  • Always meet people at the door when they return, even if they’ve only gone for an hour
  • Say ‘I love you’ every time you feel it and even when you don’t – this could be the last time you get the opportunity
  • Spend time with family – doesn’t have to cost, doesn’t have to be an activity – the time is the precious part
  • Eat dinner together – talk over food – linger
  • Make sure that others are looked out for too – help out
  • Follow your heart – no matter what
  • Pay attention to the small details, they are the only ones that matter

I hope in your lives and your practices that you are able to show the light of your love to all that you come in contact with. I hope that we all remember the joy that is available in life and how it can be missed when we’re focusing on inconsequential things. How will you act knowing that ‘Life’s too short’?

Reaching out,

Ian King

ACO President