Anne Marie Nantais

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Anne Marie Nantais


Anne Marie Nantais is an ADHD coach (ACC and AAC) and an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) with 19 years of classroom and Special Education experience. She started “ADHD and Beyond: Coaching, Tutoring, and Consulting Services” to assist people of all ages to go beyond the label of ADHD and into living their best lives – as they define it. With compassion and deep listening, she works with clients to help them find personalized and unique solutions to their ADHD stumbling blocks, using their strengths to create the energy and ease they crave in their lives. As someone diagnosed in adulthood, Anne Marie understands and can help unpack the baggage that comes with later diagnosis for those ready to move forward with greater self-knowledge.
ADHD and Beyond ~ because your life is meant to be lived out loud.
Anne Marie connects with her clients over phone, Skype, or in-person. You can reach her at (519) 735-1177,, or