Judith Champion, MSW, ACG

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I have worked in many areas of the healing arts for more than 15 years, women?s health, prenatal care and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD has been a part of my family since my children were small and continues with my grandchildren. I have lived with ADHD through a time when there was no believable diagnosis; to a time, today, when research is emerging daily and an ADHD Coaching profession has formed.

In addition to my personal experience, I have an MSW degree, am a CHADD certified ADHD Parent Teacher and ADHD Coach with an ADDA graduate degree. My coaching specialty is families, including adults, children and teenagers. I believe that the genetic nature and pervasiveness of ADHD requires a family centered approach. Whether one child or all members of a family have been diagnosed with ADHD, the entire family is affected by the challenges. Yet every individual is different from the next.

With an ADHD Coach as your partner, you will discover the strategies that work for you. You can work through your limiting beliefs and recognize your strengths and how to use them. Disabling overwhelm can be managed so that you move forward again. Rather than continually trying to become organized, you can become organized. You can learn to interact with your children and partner successfully and without frustration. You can bring harmony to your home using best practice parenting strategies that work for you and your family.

All of my work is done either on the telephone or SKYPE. My practice includes one-on-one coaching and education to families and adults, as well as group coaching and education. In addition, I serve as an education advocate, assisting parents in working successfully with their children?s teachers and schools, ensuring that their child is receiving the best accommodations available to maximize learning potential.

I believe that early identification, diagnosis and treatment are important. As a result, I train Early Childhood and Elementary Educators in best practice teaching strategies, to maximize the learning potential and socialization of children with ADHD.

Please visit my website at www.ADHDAssociates.com and contact me at 609-468-0819 or via email at judith@judithchampion.com