Sue West

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Sue West


Organizer Coach, ADHD Specialist: People most often call and say “I need to organize my life.” “I need more structure but not too much.” “I’m constantly exhausted.” And “I’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD” or “I was diagnosed as a child but ignored the diagnosis. I can’t manage my work or life anymore.” What if you could have:

We create practical strategies to organize and simplify your days, at home and at work, strategies that fit your life & how you think [not what everyone else tells you is the right thing];
New ADD/ADHD friendly systems and new habits, to make changes really happen [and last !];
New and different ways to manage your attention, ADHD, or memory issues – however it shows up for you;
Oversight or accountability … with compassion and patience, in a learning-focused, “no judgment” zone;
Someone who appreciates and knows many different ways to organize your Things, Thoughts and Time.

Experienced. Certified. Phone or Zoom/video or screen share [looking at your calendar or to do list, for example]. [services, prices, blog, videos]
Month to month or 3 month package [for a deadline if you’d like one].