By Joyce Kubik, President.

The conference is just one place to promote our coaches but the problem is that, for the most part, only coaches attend the conference. There is no doubt that the conference helps coaches make many connections, but it does not help the world know about ADHD coaches, nor does it help our members get clients.

The ACO has known for some time that we need to market our coaches in a bigger way. I’m happy to say that now is the time. Because we have created the new, vetted ACO List of Professional ADHD Coaches where only those who can demonstrate they meet our new standards for Professional ADHD Coach are listed, CHADD, ADDA, and TotallyADD are now ready to direct visitors to our site. This is wonderful news and just the beginning of how and where people will be able to find the ACO’s Professional ADHD Coaches.

ConferenceAttendeeMap2Additionally, the world needs more ADHD coaches. There are a surprising number of states, provinces, and countries that do not have any ADHD coaches at all. To help change that, I would like to encourage our members to think about the professionals they work with – medical, education, and other coaching groups – and invite them to next year’s conference. Ask them to save the date and consider attending to learn, present, or just observe what we do.

First-time attendee, Anne Marie Nantais, had this to say about her experience:

This 2015 ACO conference was my first, and I will be sure to attend many more! That event was full of powerful professional and personal a-ha’s, insights, and breakthroughs for me. I appreciated the ability to gather in the company of other ADHD coaches, to make connections, and engage in learning together.

Additionaly, here is a conference flier that you can pass along to encourage members of your ADHD professional network to attend. The conference will be held next year from April 29 – May 1 in Reston, Virginia.

So, for the benefit of all, let’s work together to put ADHD coaches on ever larger portions of the map. Write to me at I welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Just a reminder, start working on collecting your coach training certificates and certifications to prepare to get listed as a Certified Coach of the ACO (CC-ACO). Once approved, you can use that designation on your website and anywhere else. This is a new credential that raises the standards of ADHD Coaching for all. Only members in good standing may apply. Once you’re ready, log in and check out how to get listed.

ACO is working for you every day. Until the next time . . . .

JoyceKubik2015Joyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
Skype: joyceadhdcoach