Third ACO Conference
Raising the Bar Together

Chicago,  April 30-May 2, 2010

Where in the world can you shake hands, look people in the eye and experience first hand the power of connecting with compassionate ADHD Coaching professionals like you who provide a much needed service in the world?  In Chicago this spring, spend an entire weekend in the company of fifty other ADHD coaches, professional organizers and other inquiring minds.

At the 3rd ACO Conference in Chicago, April 30-May 2:

  • Plan to spend generous amounts of time to be with each other as colleagues, professionals, and friends.
  • Plan to eat well.
  • Plan to use a full notebook of handouts from the presentations, resources  and updated information on the state of ADHD coaching.

Register now to ensure your place at the table!  This is the conference registration link and the link for the hotel reservations.

Russell Ramsay, M.D. is ACO’s honored Keynote Speaker, a highlight event leading to the twelve breakout sessions and following two pre-conference sessions. Dr. Ramsay’s Keynote Address is entitled ‘An Outsider’s View of ADHD Coaching: Current Status and
Future Directions.’

He is a
psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy for adult ADHD and
will provide his “outsider” observations of ADHD Coaching during his
address. Take notes and be ready for the Q & A.

The purpose of Dr. Ramsay’s Keynote Address is

  • to provide an overview of the ongoing
development of ADHD Coaching as an intervention for adults with ADHD
  • to review the evolution of ADHD
  • to outline its status in a multimodal treatment plan,
  • to present some emerging outcome
studies on its effectiveness for individuals with ADHD and
  • to predict future
directions for coaching interventions, research and the challenges to be
faced as the profession continues to define itself.
  • Read more here.

Chana Klein and Jeff Copper are two of the meeting’s speakers, each highly credentialed, experienced coaches and mentors:

Chana Klein, MSEd, PCC, EEMCP, ACG, PACG, DIABMCP  has spoken at previous ACO conferences as well as at a long roster of other venues.  She will present ‘Is it ADD or ASD? How Autism Spectrum Disorder Differs from ADHD in How It Manifests and Implications for Coaching.’ Chana reports:  “The incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has zoomed in the past decade and is still increasing.” Presented in the form of a PowerPoint Storybook participants will learn

  • to distinguish between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD.
  • to get a better understanding of the challenges, the similarities, the differences, the gifts and the brain-wiring
  • why ASDers display the behaviors they do and
  • what the ASDer needs in a coaching relationship.

Find out about being of service to a group of individuals who need you no matter what the economy and can truly benefit from what you have to offer.  Chana runs the ICF SIG for ADHD Coaching. Read more about Chana and her presentation, or contact  and visit her website

Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, CPCC, ACG  is a popular speaker at conferences, meetings, and his own radio show called Attention Talk Radio. Jeff’s presentation is entitled  ‘The Science of Similar .’

  • When you are stuck, what do you pay attention to?
  • Do you pay attention to the obvious solution as if you are the same as everyone else?
  • Or do you pay attention to how you are different?
  • Jeff’s presentation reinforces how each client was created naturally resourceful and whole, and how solutions resonate from how individuals are different! It

  • organizes science into categories,
  • distinguishes each category from the other and
  • pays attention to the science of coaching.

Read more about Jeff and his presentation.  You can also visit Jeff Copper through his website.

The weeks are quickly passing. If you are thinking of registering, but need more information or inspiration, let’s talk!  You can reach me at  I welcome all conversation.  Write to me and we’ll work out the best time to chat.

Your Conference Team,

Viv, Rudy, Kay, Pat, Harriet

And  The ACO Board of Trustees

Raising the Bar Together!