There’s Fun to be Had in the Course of the Work to be Done

Robb Garrett, ACO President

Hello ADHD Coaches Organization Members

I am happy to report to you that the ACO is growing. We are growing in numbers, we are noticed more and found by the extended ADD/ADHD Community-at-Large, The ADHD Professional Coaching Community, and the public. The good work of our past and current volunteers helps to get the research-based facts about ADHD out there including the value of hiring professionally trained ADHD coaches.

That means too that there is much more work to be done; work enough with everyone who is or has been impacted by ADHD to have the interventions they need and enough work to be done in the field to bring in every trained ADHD coach (and those who want to be) into the membership with the ACO.

By the time you read this, there was a conference call held by the ACO Board where each shared the purpose and focus of their committee of the ACO, what are some current and planned projects on the radar, and what are some of the opportunities for you to get more involved. If you missed that call, it was recorded. You can find it here.  I encourage you to listen with an ear toward your volunteer strengths and interests, as it is an important call to find out about how the ACO works, what we are up to, and how you can join in with your community and your organization.

You may contact Terry Dickson at to express your interest to get more involved and find out about the process and make that connection. Terry is our first point of contact for members who want to get more involved and make a difference in our community.

Robb Garrett, M.A., MCC, ACT