Roxanne Fouche
Research Chair


By Roxanne Fouche – Many ADHD coaches are familiar with the Edge Foundation’s research study on ADHD coaching among college students. The research, published in the two articles listed in the references below, found that—based on a standardized measure used by the researchers—the coached students experienced significantly greater improvements in executive functioning than did a non-coached comparison group of students. Students interviewed about coaching reported that it helped them with improved goal setting, better coping strategies, greater productivity and more positive outcomes in general.

You might be less aware, however, that these publications from the Edge Foundation study are only two of a good handful of studies about the impact of ADHD coaching on college students—nine research reports, to be precise.

While the impact of ADHD coaching on college students has received more attention than the impact of ADHD coaching on other age groups, a total of 21 research papers have been published to date related to ADHD coaching, 19 specifically examining the effects of ADHD coaching on individuals with ADHD in elementary school through adulthood.

Fellow ADHD coaches Liz Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC,  Lisa Joy Tuttle, MA, BCC , and Sarah Wright, MS, ACT, have taken a close look at this research, as well as both the history of ADHD coaching and the theories that support  both coaching and coaching research.  We hope you were able to join them at their ACO conference session, A Rock to Stand On: The Evidence Base for ADHD Coaching, as they shared what they learned. Stay tuned for further information from Liz, Lisa Joy and Sarah – and the Research Committee’s other Circle articles – for a better understanding of the state of the field of ADHD coaching and what you might consider sharing with your clients, or potential clients, about it. We hope you will find this material as exciting and enlightening as your colleagues have!

Note: As mentioned above, the two references that follow are from the Edge Foundation study. One of the references is in the Journal of Attention Disorders. ACO members can access articles from the Journal of Attention Disorders as a member benefit. To do so, first login to the ACO website; then click on “Members” at the top of the webpage; then click on “Research” in the gold navigation bar; finally, scroll down to Journal of Attention Disorders and follow the directions on that page.


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Parker, D. R., Field, S., Sawilowsky, S., & Rolands, L. (2013). Self-control in postsecondary settings: Students’ perceptions of ADHD college coaching. Journal of Attention Disorders, 17(3), 215–232.