Round table callsJoin us for a very special RoundTable call

The topic: How do you not only survive but also thrive in this economy?  What have you got that you can re-purpose and be more successful?

Members can log in and hear the recording of this lively conversation here.

We are joined this month by very two special guests:

action expert and favorite ACO conference speaker, Suzanne Evans and ACO PAB member John Agno who believes “Coming from the heart makes sense in life and in business. ”

This is not a presentation but an audience participation event.

Come to the call prepared to share your ideas and learn from the experts and from each other.

Suzanne Evans is best known as an action expert. When individuals and businesses are looking for a blueprint for success, they seek her coaching, sharp instincts and accountability. After working for the nation’s largest union, being a professional actress, a nationally ranked water skier, a high school teacher, and an Assistant Producer to five Broadway shows (all before the age of 30), Suzanne began using her life experiences to coach a wide range of people on living their fullest potential. She created a private coaching practice with over 40 clients in one year and launched three businesses in a four-month time frame. Action comes naturally for Suzanne! She is the owner of Blueprint Coaching, The VA Blueprint, and Coach Acceleration System.

As a former corporate executive, business owner and management consultant, John Agno understands that in the business world, we don’t speak much about the heart. Yet, since all businesses are ultimately people serving people, our life’s work should come from the heart. Long after your products or services have been delivered, the feelings and knowledge shared during the business relationship remain. Agno believes that people need connection, belonging and meaningful contribution. They need to know that their life and work matter. Many people find that personal or career transformation is an excellent time to better understand their life’s work and direction. Coming from the heart makes sense in life and in business. John is the owner of the leadership blog and