Case Collaborations 2020 Schedule

We meet virtually on Zoom on the third Wednesday of each month from 10 to 11am EST to collaborate on coaching cases or scenarios focused on a given theme.  Each ACO Case Collaboration session lasts one hour with the potential to earn one CCEU.

May 20
"The Delicate Dance with Parents"
How do we manage the delicate balance between parents and children when coaching students and/or families? What about when we have an adult client whose parents want to be involved? Join us to discuss: setting the coaching agreement, accountability, confidentiality and helping parents navigate when to take a step back, and how to best support their family in a coaching relationship.
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June 17
"Help Your Client Identify and Build Their Success Team" 
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July 15
"The Art of Open-Ended Questions to Further Our Clients" 
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August 19 
No Case Collaboration - enjoy your summer!

September 16
"Helping our Clients Measure Success" 
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October 21
"Emotional Regulation: Helping our Clients Notice and Learn From Their Emotions"
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November 18
"Decision Making and Decision Fatigue"
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No Case Collaboration - Happy Holidays!