By Sarah D. Wright, Editor.

If you have read Joyce Kubik’s article in this issue of Circle, you already know that, after a decade of volunteering my time and talents for this organization, I am stepping down from the Board of Directors of the ACO.

I have, by and large (nothing is perfect!), loved my time serving on the Board. It is always a joy to do what you’re good at and be appreciated for it. My skill is in developing organizations, and it has been a great honor to contribute to the founding and growth of the ACO, the professional membership association for ADHD Coaches, and the continuing emergence of ADHD Coaching as a recognized and valued profession.

Over the last ten years, I have probably spent a few thousand hours volunteering at the ACO, and it has never been a one-way street. I have received so very much in return. I not only got to do what I’m particularly good at in service to a cause I care deeply about, but I also got to spend time with many brilliant, interesting, creative, and talented individuals who, through our shared dedication and efforts to make a difference, have become good friends.

By volunteering my time and talents at the ACO, I also was given a platform for writing and speaking about these things that matter to us all. By working together with my colleagues, our voices were amplified, and we were able to accomplish so much more than any of us could have on our own. And in doing so, I also learned a lot about how to be a better coach, business owner, leader, and person.

And, as it turns out, by spending time on these unpaid activities, I’ve also developed a national reputation which means I get all sorts of opportunities (and clients) that I would never have had otherwise. And I am grateful for all of these things too.

I have deep values in being of service and of being part of something bigger and more important than myself. Volunteering at the ACO has provided me with both and repaid me handsomely. In stepping down, I can only say thank you, and encourage everyone reading this to volunteer at the ACO as well. It could be one of the best investments of time you ever make!


SarahDWrightSarah D. Wright has served as Secretary, President, Immediate Past President, Interim President, Immediate Past President again, and Editor of the ACO’s monthly newsletter, Circle. She is also a founding board member of the ACO and author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide.
You can contact her privately at