Stand Out by Advertising

Should you have advertised at the conference? How will you become know if you don’t get a table, booth or stand out in some fashion at the ACO?

You’ll know Linda Roggli because she wears her ADDiva hat; you’ll know board members because of their badges and Maureen Nolan because of her reporter’s hat; but will you know which one of our attendees teaches ADD coaching courses? or that another has a radio show about ADHD? and yet another is an actor, too?

A big ACO thanks goes to all the people who support the ACO 2011 Conference and promote their coaching skills. Everyone wins!

Networking Tables

At an ACO Table

At Trade Tables

And thanks to those who have taken out ads in the conference book.


Shire Supports ACO

We are also delighted to welcome our Gold Sponsor, Shire. The Board of the ADHD Coaches Organization wishes to thank and acknowledge Shire Pharmaceuticals as the Gold Sponsor for the fourth ACO International Conference. Their sponsorship and financial support provided has been used to enable this Conference and further the aims of the ACO.

Recent years have seen an increase in the awareness of ADHD in our community. The ACO seeks to provide information, resources and our member coaches with a platform to help further their education and skills in the interest of the ADHD related community.

We have the opportunity to extend our warmest welcome to Ms. Leisa Rumshas and Mr Chris Hensley from Shire, who will attend the Conference over the full three days. Please take this opportunity to discuss with Leisa and Chris, Shire’s new in-house education program which supports  all practitioners treating or caring for those with ADHD. This new training program highlights multi-modal treatments and strategies including ADD Coaching.

Susan Macintosh and Viv Monahan Conference Co-chairs