Membership Hard at Work on the Board

  • Sage Publications has granted us a special subscription to Journal of Attention Disorders. For a subscription fee paid by ACO we can offer the online account backfile and e-access to the JAD to our members. This was approved for use of our membership and is a great new benefit to add as an additional membership benefit. The official announcement was made at the 2011 Conference.
  • The membership committee has hosted several membership orientations as part of the new ACO Connect. Valuable information is being shared about our continuing education program and history of the ACO. Members are specifically asked what brings them to the call and what they want to take away with hosts responding to each member’s needs. Benefits are described and expounded upon and a follow-up is sent to those who attend. The call is also recorded for those who miss.
  • Board discussed how to effectively identify and connect with volunteers. Membership will act as point on recruitment and submit the invite to volunteers but we want to make sure our members are not inundated with requests. Each committee chair would send the membership chair their list of what kind of help is needed and membership would convey this to volunteers looking to help. Membership would also make sure all volunteers are recognized on the ACO website under their committee (just their names).
  • ACO Board has discussed communication and what the members want from the ACO. Questions like what does membership want with the ListServe and promos and would they like the opportunity to talk about themselves and what they are doing. The Board is aware of how important networking is to the membership and wants the best mode of communication.

Dream of ACO Tonight

Now that the Conference has wrapped up, Robb Garrett, President of the ACO raised the question with the Board, “What is the impossible dream for each board member in regards to the ACO?” The Board is dreaming big for the future of the ACO and they are excited.