Joyce Kubik, ACO President,
Your Board Members have a few things to say to you!

Conference Committee
Thank you, Joyce, for your wisdom, guidance, and friendship! – Lee Rozycki, Membership Chairperson, 2017 Conference Co-Chairperson

Research Committee  
We want to extend our gratitude for sharing your knowledge, compassion, generosity and leadership skills as ACO President. We’ve been fortunate to have you help us define and realize our goals as a professional organization. – Roxanne Fouche, Research Chairperson

Membership Committee
Thank you for your support and guidance as I stepped into my leadership role with the ACO Board.  The knowledge I have gained from this experience is priceless.
With much love and gratitude, Rajal Dhruva,  2016/2017 Interim Membership Chairperson

Marketing Committee
Thank you for you support, encouragement, and friendship. You are the best.  – Jenna Knight, Marketing Chairperson

Resources Committee
it has been such a pleasure working with you, but even more than that getting to know you. You have been patient with me, helping me learn the ropes.  Your contributions to the ADHD Coaching Community have been many.  You worked tirelessly to make these contributions, always with a smile, a pleasant attitude and a spirit of helpfulness.  For all that you do for the community and all that you do for me personally, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Tereasa Jones

Programs Committee
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could take on the roles you asked of me.  But you called, and I said yes.  This is something I will never forget.  I am truly honored, humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work with you in the last four years as Co-Chair of the ACO Conference, a member of the Leadership Team, and then as Programs Chair. Your confidence, inspiration, and encouragement empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and step into much bigger ways to contribute. I know I have grown tremendously in my development as an individual and professional ADHD Coach as a result. Your leadership style, commitment, and vision for the ACO has made an incredible difference in growing the organization and serving the ACO community. Thank you for all the devotion you have brought to your role as President of ACO.  It has been a pleasure to serve alongside you!  All my best in your next endeavors!

Board Secretary group shotRobin Nordmeyer, Programs Chairperson
Anne Marie Nantais, Kay Axtel, (Robin) Nancy Bean







Board Secretary and Circle Editor
It has been an honor to serve on this board with you, your patience, your guidance, (and now your friendship) means the world to me, so…“Here’s To Starting A New Life!”
All my best to you and whatever the future holds for you!

Terri ReinhardTerri Reinhard
Board Secretary, Circle Editor