By Joyce Kubik, President

I’ve been attending ACO conferences for six years now and every year there is another “Aha!” moment experience. Being a seasoned coach, that “Aha!” moment could be something new I learned that would benefit my clients. But, more often than not, it is learning that my colleagues and I have the same passions in areas of coaching that together we can create a program, training, business skill, and more. That benefits us both.

One of the surveys that ACO performed told us that there is a point around year 4 that coaches begin to struggle with their business. As it wasn’t the point of the survey, we don’t know about their struggle. But it does say to me that they need help. I didn’t have the ACO at that point in my coaching career, but I do remember it was a struggle to come up with new ideas or ways to manage the business. Had I known about ACO and its conferences, I would have benefited greatly from attending an ACO conference.

If new coaches were to attend the ACO conference, its breakout sessions, and engaged in networking with colleagues, I’m certain they would find many “Aha!” moments. Learn to implement good coaching strategies, best practices in coaching, internet presence, research and more. It is money well spent.

For the seasoned coach, there is always something to learn and the networking is so valuable.

And, I think it’s safe to say, those of us coping with the record-breaking cold and snowy winter, will happily enjoy a few days in warm and sunny Arizona. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Until next time . . .

JoyceKubik2015Joyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
Skype: joyceadhdcoach