Goals, Themes, and Resolutions

Maureen Nolan
Maureen Nolan, Editor

In January 2011, I resolved to apply to a master’s program and to learn how to get better sleep (seemingly incompatible with each other!). By January 2012, I was enrolled at Argosy University, Atlanta, but still seeking sleep. This January 2013, I completed one year of graduate school and sleep better (discovered I live with asthma, one source of my exhaustion. Oh, and if you take progesterone be sure to take it AT NIGHT. Part of its job is to put you to sleep.)

How do you assess your days, weeks, months, years and lifetime resolutions? Jon Salem recently discussed the themes of his day, and now, I’m thinking bigger, differently, and am considering the themes of my life. The following are groupings of some themes:

Themes of your liferesolutions

  • health, family, spiritual practice, business, hobbies, interests, etc

Themes of your day

  • self-care, family care, pet care, house care, business, etc

Themes of your practice

  • financial care, networking, client care, organization, meetings, etc

Themes of your clients

  • attention, organization, fears, goals, successes, referrals, payments

How Do You Organize?

Coming from a theme perspective, there are always clients who respond better to one organizing concept over another in coaching, like rhythms of their day rather than the schedule for the day. To this I here add the theme of the day, the theme of the meeting, the theme of the meal, and the theme of the client.

What can you add to this concept? How will you consider your themes to support your coaching clients? What does the thematic concept do to help you order your world?

I would like to know what you think. You can email me here.

Maureen Nolan