By Lee Rozycki, Membership Chair.

As you may recall, it was announced this past May that we are moving away from a “pay-to-play” find-a-coach database to a vetted and moderated ACO List of Professional ADHD Coaches that every trained ADHD Coach can be particularly proud to be listed on.

Upgrading to a vetted, moderated list has many benefits for both members and the public. It means that our standards regarding what it means to be a Professional ADHD coach are held to. It means that members can be particularly proud of having a listing at the ACO. And it means that people seeking a coach will have access to the largest list of vetted coaches anywhere in the world and can be assured that the ADHD coaches they find at the ACO are well trained.

We promised the public that by 2016, every coach our our list will have gone through the vetting process.

We have given everyone who was already on the list a grace period until the end of the year to go through the vetting process. That grace period is quickly coming to an end!

You have 31 days left to get your application in to be listed in the new ACO List of Professional ADHD Coaches. As of January 1, 2016, all coaches who have not been through the vetting process will be removed from the list. Don’t let that happen to you!!!

To initiate the process of getting listed, log in to the member section of the new website, click on “Get Listed”, and follow the directions.

Because the list is vetted and moderated, a real person will have to review the applications and enter the information into the publicly searchable ACO List of Professional ADHD Coaches. Therefore, a one-time processing fee will accompany applications. Once you are on the list, you may stay on the list as long as you remain a member in good standing (ie, you’ve paid your membership dues).

For the rest of 2015, the processing fee will be $25.
Starting in 2016, the processing fee will be $50.
What does a $25 saving mean to you – especially this time of the year?

Get your application in today!!

To learn more, read about the changes here and the recognized ADHD Coach trainings here.

Lee Rozycki2015Lee Rozycki serves as chair of the ACO’s Membership Committee.
Lee has worked for the pharmaceutical industry, and has been a PTA President, member of her local School Board of Education, and member of her local Mental Health Board. Lee helps clients clarify their beliefs and what matters most to them, then helps them develop strategies to enhance their true selves. Contact her at the ACO at, or privately at