Sarah D. Wright
ACO Interim President

“And the seasons, they go ‘round and ‘round…” That song seems apropos as, to my surprise, I find myself again writing to you as President of the ACO. I am honored to be called back to service, but regretful at the circumstances.

As we all know, life happens. And it seems to happen to our tribe with a greater intensity.  Whether it’s personal issues, family issues, or job issues, our ADHD tribe gets more than its fair share of them.

Robb Garrett, who has served the ACO for four years, first as a leadership team member, then in various capacities culminating in serving as president this last year, has resigned to better be able to take care of family matters. We appreciate all he’s done for the ACO and thank him for his service.

Chuck Blocher, who served as chair of our Research Committee for the last two years has also resigned to better be able to take care of family. We appreciate his work at the ACO and wish him and his family well.

Jonathan Carroll, who had embraced the chance to promote the ACO as Marketing and PR Chair, finds himself happily overwhelmed with a new job at an exciting startup. So he has regretfully resigned his position at the ACO to pursue that opportunity. We have also said goodbye to Carolyn Skinner, who served briefly as treasurer, and Andrew Madejczyk, technology chair.

Which brings me to the point in this message where I can say that I am truly delighted to be working again for the ACO with a strong team of dedicated coaches, many of them seasoned board members:

  • Terry Dickson – Vice President
  • Katherine Jahnke – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Terri Gantt – Membership Chair
  • Joyce Kubik – Conference Chair
  • Maureen Nolan – Circle Editor
  • Kricket Harrison – Member-at-large

I am looking forward to working together with them, and to connecting with as many of you as possible, as we continue to develop our vibrant professional association for ADHD Coaches.

This last month has seen some additional changes of note. The passing of one of our most admired and loved coaches, Kate Kelly, and the debut of the PAAC ADHD coaching credential. Read more about both of them, as well as other articles of interest, in this month’s issue of Circle – THE newsletter on ADHD Coaching, for ADHD Coaches, by ADHD Coaches.

All my best,
Sarah D. Wright