Align With Intention to Reach Out

If you are on LinkedIn pass along the word about the ACO Conference and the request for RFPs. Using LinkedIn can reach educators, therapists and other life and ADHD coaches. Below is some text that you can drop into your message.

How to do it

When on your LinkedIn page, look to the left column for the button that says “Compose Message.” Click on it and paste the message below or some variation of it into the text area.

You can select who you want the message to go to by clicking on the icon to the right of the TO: box. Select people who you think would be interested in either presenting or attending.

Thanks for helping the ACO spread the word about who we are.

Sample text

Subject: Request for Proposals for ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) 2012 Conference

The Many Faces of ADHD

Are you an educator who has something to share with people who work with ADHD?

Are you a life coach or an ADHD coach with business success strategies to share with other coaches?

Are you a mental health provider who is familiar with the most recent ADHD research that you can share and tell us how you can effectively integrate the new knowledge?

Do you know other professionals like this?

The ADHD Coaches Organization is planning its annual international conference
Atlanta, Georgia for March 23-25, 2012.

Have you got something to say?

We need your proposals to present at the conference and the deadline is November 13. Read about the conference proposals we’re seeking here.

Plan to attend

Save $100 by registering before December 1.

If you have questions about working with ADHD individuals or are interested in coaching or adding coaching to your practice, come to Atlanta and learn while you earn continuing education units. Register here.

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Please address your questions to
I’ll see that they get answered.

Joyce Kubik, ADHD Coach & Skills Trainer.
ACO Conference Registration Chair