6th International ADHD Coaches Organization

Conference Vision for 2013

by 2013 Conference Chair, Joyce Kubik

I strongly believe that a more coordinated effort on treating ADHD is needed between coaches, therapists, physicians, the justice system, the workforce, and our primary and secondary education systems – our partnering professionals.  With a coordinated effort our coaches can, per our bylaws, “serve as an informational link to the general public and other professionals working with people who are affected by ADHD.”  The opportunities will broaden for our coaches to design alliances for the betterment of all those in need of help with their ADHD.

Together we can:

  • Increase the presence of ADHD Coaches
  • Understand our boundaries with our partnering professions
  • Teach ADHD coaches how to approach various professions
  • Have a more profound effect on those with ADHD, by joining forces
  • Create business building opportunities
  • Learn to design strong alliances
  • Network with our partnering professions
  • Increase membership
  • Bring a clear understanding of the value of ADHD Coaching to our partnering professions

All coach organizations and credentialing organizations have standards we call Competencies or Masteries, as well as Codes of Ethics.  Our partnering profession’s need to know our standards and ethics.  In line with the 2013 ACO Conference topic “ACO Connections,” it is time to connect and inform partnering professionals about all the possibilities and the value of ADHD coaching.  It is time to connect and raise the status of ADHD Coaching to a level it well deserves. This conference is about bringing useful methods for coaching our clients, as well as teaching them ways to collaborate.

Joyce Kubik, CC (IAC)
2013 Conference Chair