A Big Thank You to
All the Wonderful Volunteers
Who Made Conference 2011 a Tremendous Success

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful volunteers at conference 2011. These willing and wonderful souls gave generously of themselves to make your conference experience pleasant, meaningful, and worthwhile. Many of them spent additional hours outside of the actual conference preparing for their tasks. It was my pleasure to finally put faces to names and email addresses as they each appeared to “take on” their volunteer commitments. It was also great fun to experience the joy they exuded while fulfilling their roles at the conference. Seldom have I experienced this in a group of volunteers.

Book Store Manager Returns Year After Year

I would like to start by thanking Pat Wood who yearly spends hours inventorying, displaying, selling and packing up the books and supplies that we sell in the conference bookstore. She held it all together which was not an easy task because the store was also command central for the conference. We are forever indebted to you, Pat.
Assisting Pat were: Rudy Rodriquez, Maureen Nolan, Herve Le Boeuf, Daniel Reynolds and Tom Dooley.

Technology Guru Triumphs

Jay Carter, our technology guru was probably the busiest guy on the floor. Not only did he set up all of the audio equipment in three main rooms, he also trained room monitors and checked each room to make certain equipment was working properly. Jay, you are the best.

Hospitality Hostess Excels at Hotel

Judith Champion served as hospitality manager and made certain that the menu met specific and individual requests. She also served as our go to person in the event that anything went wrong in any of the rooms. She was on the job even before conference communicating with hotel staff in advance. What a calm and competent woman. A perfect fit for the job.

Special Acknowledgement  goes to:

  • Mary Gualt and Karen Sonshine offered their services and talents in assistance with printing name tags and signs.
  • Laurie Dupar purchased speaker gifts and did other behind the scenes work.
  • The bright and shiny faces at the registration table (possibly the first face you connected with at conference) were: Dr. Lynne Kenney, Karen Sonshine, Kathy Peterson, Katherine Jahnke, Cindy Diaz, Anne Imrie Howlett, Dianne O’Reilly, and Sheryl Greenfield. Thank you so much, team!!

Room Monitors – Hosts with Heart

We owe a huge debt to the room monitors who trained prior to the conference, introduced speakers for presentations, and covered all bases in the room. My heart goes out to: Jay Carter, Kricket Harrison, Roger DeWitt, Viv Monahan, Laura Rolands, Herve LeBoeuf, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Susan Macintosh, Candace Taylor, Paula Altschul, Dee Doochin, Peter Terlaak, Diane O’Reilly, Joyce Kubik, Katherine Jahnke and Rob Garrett. You guys were personable and professional. I’m sure the speakers were very appreciative of your effort.

If I’ve left anyone out, please speak up. You absolutely deserve recognition.

What a magnificent crew of marvelous people so willing to give from the heart. Hats off to you from the entire membership of the ACO.

Kay Axtell
Volunteer Chair
ACO Conference 2011